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Frostbite Shaved Ice 

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Being from the lakeshore of Muskegon, Michigan, we know ice!

What is "Shaved Ice?"

Shaved Ice evenly absorbs flavor. The consistency is fine and pillowy, like our "lake effect snow." 

Unlike snow cones, where the syrup drains to the bottom, shaved ice creates a balance of sweet and chilled delish!

Taiwan is the origin of shaved ice drinks called "kakigori."  It was initially enjoyed by royalty. So lets indulge and experience one of our 40 flavors!. It's a lifestyle Taste It!! 

licking the screen is permitted

but, why...when you can have a real one! Schedule the trailer

Michigan, come taste these 40 flavors!

Our trailer will travel up to 200 miles from 49441. After that, we just might melt!
Open Seasons: April 1-November 1

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ends May 15


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it’s a lifestyle, taste it!

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